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Metro Ortem Ltd is one of the leading and most respected ceiling fan manufacturing companies in India. The company is renowned for making authentic fans of the highest standards.
Metro Ortem Ltd is a leading fan manufacturer in India. The company is known for manufacturing high quality, original and authentic ceiling fans for home, offices, kitchens.
Carving excellence, DURO is a leading wooden door manufacturers and suppliers, providing wide range of highest quality flush doors in unlimited finishes.
Redefining luxury, DURO manufactures premium natural decorative veneer plywood - India's largest collections of different shades and colors ensures best interior designs.
A Master of Business Administration degree is a globally recognized qualification. It offers a wide range of outlook and scope, and its theoretical and practical knowledge can open up the opportunities for you to enter higher levels of responsibility in management level.
These professionals conduct market research for the project in order to offer a better management. In addition to that, they try to access the feedbacks from the customers or clients.