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Revanta group is a multi state CGHS society registered under the society registration act and has purchased land from farmers.Revanta Shah Ne Eram by Revanta Group is an ultimate living solution with all the smart facilities available.
Antriksh Urban greek by Antriksh group is an affordable venture the government and Antriksh Group. One who is in search of a house Urban greek is the ideal house.
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To support the mission of MPD 2021, Revanta Multi state cooperative Group Housing Society has brought up the new affordable housing scheme Delhi Awas Yojna.
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Industry estimates suggest insulated concrete form house plans may cost zero to ten percent more to build, depending on the manufacturer and other factors impacting local building costs.
About Vanshi Group - It is a main society in delhi. Vanshi buildtech @l-zone ventures stand tall in the midst of the others. The Vanshi buildtech dwarka is the main developer and area manufacturer of this task.